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Change is accelerating across virtually every industry. To succeed, organisations are looking to extract new insights, respond faster to changes in their markets, and secure their data every step of the way. Meridian IT can help you harness the latest IBM Power innovations to achieve these goals and more.

Rising to the challenge

With low economic growth and high inflation, together with supply chain issues and rocketing energy prices, you need to be able to react rapidly to manage your cost profiles. But longer-term priorities, such as sustainability, require careful strategic planning. And you also have to contend with the growing threat of cyber-attack as criminals are finding novel ways to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your data security measures.

In response, organisations are asking: what sets us apart from the competition? Technology is proving the essential driving force behind companies’ search for differentiation. By embracing leading-edge tools rather than shying away from innovation, enterprises can outpace competitors and seize new market share.

Meridian IT can help your business find competitive advantage with IBM Power10 technology by:

• Reacting faster to changes in the marketplace with unprecedented IT performance
• Securing your data from end to end across all on-premises, multi-cloud and hybrid environments
• Using your data to its full potential with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities
• Minimising interruptions to your business operations with integrated recovery and self-healing features
• Meeting sustainability goals by unlocking new efficiencies and setting your organisation up for long-term success.

Why Meridian IT?

Meridian IT is home to one of the largest teams of certified IBM Power experts globally. Outside of IBM, few organisations can match our breadth of expertise in the IBM Power platform, the depth of resources in our technical team, or our years of experience in delivering projects large and small.

We can help you maximise the benefits of you IBM Power infrastructure today—and modernise your systems to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
To learn more about the winning combination of IBM Power and Meridian IT, read our eBook or contact us at [email protected]

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