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In an IBM Power Systems context, application development and integration can involve a broad spectrum of services to meet a wide range of needs. When you engage with Meridian, we typically begin by conducting a software audit. This audit identifies both quick wins and strategic opportunities for developing your applications.

As we know in a fast-paced environment where complex applications remain unchanged it’s easy for technical debt to creep in, which if ignored can be very costly further down the road.

At Meridian IT, we believe in more than just providing support for IBM Power systems; we can provide additional development resources to your business in several ways. This could be on a project-by-project basis or as an extension to your existing team. One of the critical factors when outsourcing an application is the business knowledge, of which Meridian has extensive expertise. We have experience in developing applications in various industries, using different platforms, and employing a variety of languages.

Speak to Meridian today with one of trusted advisors to assist in your development journey around:


Language modernisation:

Meridian can help you update code from older versions of RPG to modern ILE, making it simpler, cleaner, and easier for a new generation of programmers to develop and maintain.


Application Integration:

Moreover, Meridian can help you integrate the applications you run on IBM Power Systems with the rest of your technology stack through web services. Additionally, we can assist you in integrating with third-party services via modern APIs, thereby bringing your applications into the world of microservices and the API economy.



Furthermore, Meridian mPower Dev-I is a great way to extend your existing workload to external resources using a collaborative approach, enabling you to reach new business outcomes.


Application Healthcheck:

Meridian can carry out several levels of health check of your applications running on IBM Power Systems. Ranging from a high-level perspective to analyse if any of the software/frameworks are running on old or unsupported versions. This is extremely useful if you are needing to carry out an impact analysis prior to an application or O/S upgrade. To carrying out a full audit of your codebase to reveal what level of technical debt exist, by analyzing such areas as code quality, dead code, x-ref dependency, which can assist from quick wins of continuous improvement, to plans for modernization, modularisation or migration of the applications.

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We trust Meridian IT to assist with the day to day running of our 24/7 critical applications. The transition to a blended application support model with Meridian IT and our internal team has given us confidence in their abilities to provide ongoing development and support, as well as providing new areas of expertise to support our business.

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