As an IBM Platinum Business Partner – Meridian IT fully understand the importance of ensuring high availability across our clients complex IT environments. Meridian IT provide flexible hardware support and maintenance for IBM systems. This is designed to proactively ensure optimisation of systems for increased uptime! Plus deliver fast problem-resolution through a single point of accountability.

Whether your needs are base warranty support or up to fully committed recovery service levels. Meridian IT offer a tailored approach to your IBM support requirements across your entire IBM infrastructure.

Our IBM support agreements provide the flexibility to create a support contract that is delivered uniquely to the client exact specifications. Varying SLA’s, Hour of Cover, Terms (short & long term), IBM and Non-IBM, with the added ability to add or take away products supported during the term of your support agreement – we provide best in class IBM support agreements.

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Maintenance Services Team

Meridian IT have a team of highly skilled & experienced individuals that have been managing our clients IBM support requirements for several decades. We hold the highest level of IBM certified qualifications – IBM TLS Champions. Therefore meaning you know you are in safe & knowledgeable hands throughout the entire process.


Hardware Renewals

Meridian IT practise a 90-day proactive approach to your IBM HW renewals. Delivering a client 1st consultative approach by working closely with you to review & analysis your ongoing support requirements. So we can fine tune how your support agreement is built & delivered into its next term.


Competitive Pricing

As an IBM Platinum partner we can offer market leading commercials. Therefore helping reduction in maintenance & support spending, plus offering competitive finance options.


End of Support

IBM hardware is in a constant cycle of evolvement so naturally products will reach the end of their supported lifecycle and IBM will announce ‘End of Service’. We recognise that clients may still need to support aging hardware for several different reasons. Meridian IT can continue to provide support through IBM & our trusted third-party maintainers. This allow our clients to further sweat their HW assets and deliver support longevity. This provides increased timescales in which to implement your HW migration plans towards the latest technologies.


Media Retention

Meridian IT can help protect your data privacy by allowing you to keep any damaged data media components – hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD) or flash memory. Data security is of paramount importance in today’s world. To keep your sensitive data under control and in accordance with security requirements, you need a secure, cost-effective solution to retain defective media components. Meridian IT can include IBM Media Retention Services to give you that level of control.

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