With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks across world, the need to secure your organisations data is greater than ever. The primary objective of a cyber-attack is to either hold your data ransom or to steal sensitive or beneficial data, such as personal customer information. As the objective is to access your data, securing your storage infrastructure is imperative to giving your organisation a strong foundation when it comes to cyber resiliency.

We believe that cyber resiliency starts from following best practices within the whole organisation, but also from the storage up, ensuring that your data is protected at the source. Speak to Meridian IT for a full cyber security health check of your IBM FlashSystem storage. Many features that we advise you may already have on your system but are not yet being utilised or could be configured in a more effective way.

As well as a full assessment of your IBM FlashSystem storage we are also able to offer a cyber health check for your organisation in conjunction with IBM or a full assessment by our in-house cyber security experts.

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