Flexible data backup solutions to meet your business, security & regulatory needs.

Ensure a good night’s sleep knowing your data is secure. When did you last confirm your backup data’s recoverability? At Meridian IT, we consistently verify backups for our customers, guaranteeing proper execution.

With adaptable solutions for on-premise, private, public, or hybrid cloud setups, Meridian IT advises and implements backup strategies tailored to your needs. Trust us to safeguard your data effectively.

Working with leading vendors for COTS solutions and enabling local tailored implementations, Meridian provides peace of mind that your business data is safe and sound according to best practice and regulatory requirements.

Meridian’s backup and recovery services can work hand-in-hand with your own IT Team or be outsourced completely to provide you with a total service.

Often complemented with High Availability and/or Disaster Recovery services, the backup service is the bedrock of your data protection ecosystem.

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