Introducing our Managed NDR (Network Detection Response) Services:

Welcome to Meridian IT UK’s cutting-edge Managed NDR Services (Network Detection and Response). Dive into our comprehensive solution designed to fortify your network security posture by swiftly detecting and responding to potential threats. Explore how our proactive approach ensures real-time monitoring, analysis, and mitigation, empowering your organisation to stay ahead in the ever-evolving cyber landscape

Many organisations rely solely on logs or endpoint data for threat detection, which can lead to blind spots and incomplete visibility. Our network-based threat detection service offers a comprehensive view of threats traversing the network, covering endpoints without detection agents and third-party endpoints not owned by your organisation.

Traditional network-based detections often fall short in detecting today’s sophisticated threats. They lack the ability to learn customer traffic patterns and identify anomalies effectively. That’s why our managed service leverages machine learning (ML) to detect threats based on network traffic. By using supervised ML techniques, we can detect previously unseen threats based on their behaviour. Our unsupervised machine learning continuously adapts to your unique network profile, providing greater context and reliable detection of anomalous activities.

Here’s an overview of our service:


Sensor Deployment:

Our experts deploy physical or virtual sensors connected to a network tap, capturing and forwarding relevant traffic data to the central “brain” for analysis.


Detection Models:

The central brain applies various detection models to monitor for a wide range of threats across the consolidated data.


Cloud Integration:

Our solution seamlessly integrates with leading cloud platforms, utilising virtual tapping techniques to monitor infrastructure-as-a-service traffic in AWS and Azure environments.


Account Activity Monitoring

We employ specific AI techniques to monitor account activity, including Office365 integration, ensuring comprehensive coverage for complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Alert Management:

The Meridian IT SOC monitors the central brain for alerts. When a threat is detected, our security experts analyse and classify the incident. You will receive an incident notification according to the agreed SLA, providing information about the threat and recommended actions.

With our Managed NDR service, you can enhance your threat detection capabilities, leverage machine learning, and benefit from the expertise of our security professionals to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Why Vectra AI?

By partnering with Vectra AI we able to provide the worlds leading Network Detection and Response service.

Vectra AI is a trusted choice for advanced threat detection and response. Here are a few reasons why you should consider partnering with Vectra AI:


Proactive Threat Detection:

Vectra AI utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively detect and respond to threats in real-time. Their platform analyses network traffic and behaviour patterns to identify and prioritise potential threats, enabling faster incident response.


Comprehensive Visibility:

Vectra AI provides comprehensive visibility across your network, cloud, and IoT environments. Their platform monitors all network traffic, detecting both known and unknown threats, including insider threats and hidden malware.


Automated Response:

Vectra AI enables automated threat response, allowing for quick and efficient mitigation of security incidents. Their platform can automatically enforce policies, isolate compromised devices, and initiate incident response actions to contain and neutralise threats.


Reduced Time to Response:

By leveraging AI-driven threat detection, Vectra AI significantly reduces the time to detect and respond to cyber threats. Their platform provides actionable insights and alerts, empowering security teams to take immediate action and minimise the potential impact of an attack.


Scalability and Flexibility:

Vectra AI’s solution is designed to scale with your organisation’s needs. Whether you have a small or large network infrastructure, their platform can adapt and provide effective threat detection and response capabilities.

Partnering with Vectra AI equips your organisation with advanced threat detection and response capabilities, enabling you to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries and protect your valuable assets.

Unlike other AI approaches that look for simple anomalies to tell security teams what’s different, Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence shows you what matters. Less noise more clarity, Threat actors may have infiltrated your network. But they don’t stand a chance against automated Attack Signal Intelligence provided by Vectra AI. Their advanced AI thinks like an attacker and zeros in on TTPs so you can hunt, investigate and stop attacks — long before they become breaches.

Unlike other artificial intelligence that simply detects anomalies and requires constant input from analysts, Vectra Al priorities what’s urgent for each environment. Analysts can focus on what actually matters to stop ransomware and other attacks that cause the most damage – in record time.


  • 24×7 SOC coverage required.

  • Staffing a security platform management team with subject matter experts.

  • Continuous management of network monitoring to ensure enough context for analysts without producing “alert fatigue.

  • Applying global intelligence to cyber security threats.

  • Protecting against Ransomware.

When should you consider it?

  • If you require experts to help deploy and run a sophisticated managed network detection service.
  • If you require a provider that not only provides network detection but also log and endpoint based monitoring as well as actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence.

  • If you require 24×7 or 8×5 managed threat detection.

  • If you require additional Managed Threat Response capabilities.

What do we do?

  • Deployment of the Vectra platform.

  • Platform management of Vectra Cognito Detect™

  • Continuous incident triage, analysis and prioritisation by Security Analysts.

  • Critical Asset monitoring (Scoped)

What will you get?

  • Fully Managed Platform operations.

  • Real-time incident analysis and alerting.

  • Monthly security and operational reporting.

  • Cyber threat hunting.

  • Advanced protection against Ransomware.

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