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Data management is a key strength of the IBM Power Systems platform. Tools like Query/400 have been central to reporting processes for years. However, Query/400, being a 5250 app, is challenging for new users. It demands deep database knowledge to use effectively. Consequently, business users often rely on IT for report development.

Most organisations are very familiar with MS Excel, which lends itself to multiple copies of the same report or reinventing the wheel every time. With tools like IBM DB2 Web Query you can get a single sense of the truth, which can be integrated in your existing business process and/or environment (i.e. monthly schedules or embedded into your own portal.

At Meridian IT, we can help you modernise your approach to reporting by working with you to implement tools such as IBM DB2 Web Query and Power BI. The tools provide a modern web-based approach to reporting, which allow very intuitive drag and drop capabilities for implementing analytical reporting. With over a decade of experience we provide customers with that expertise of harnessing your data into your core business activities ranging from training, bespoke consultancy or proving resources as extension to your existing team.

Speak to Meridian today with one of trusted advisors to assist in your BI Analytics strategy around:

  • Replacement for Web Query/400

  • Business View of Data

  • Integrated into Business Application

  • Real time reporting

  • Complimentary to your existing BI tools

  • Dashboarding

  • Connecting to non IBM i data sources

  • Automation, scheduling of reports

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