Threats can be both internal and external to the organisation

Consider both internal and external threats, such as disgruntled employees or malicious hacking organisations. While many focus solely on external threats, it’s equally crucial to protect against internal risks. To ensure comprehensive storage protection, take every precaution to safeguard your data.

Standard features on an IBM Flash System provide a solid foundation. Enhance your cyber resiliency with additional IBM software. Secure your IBM Flash System with Meridian IT’s IBM Flash System Security for expert solutions that guarantee data confidentiality and integrity.

IBM Flash System Security Features:

Active Threat Detection

Utilise machine learning to actively monitor your Flash System for suspicious and unusual behaviours. This approach can potentially identify a ransom attack before it is fully executed. For instance, detecting a spike in disk utilisation caused by the encryption aspect of a ransomware attack.

Encryption of Data at Rest (EDAR)

Ensuring that your FlashSystem is encrypted will prevent the physical theft of data as the disks will only be able to be read by a device that has the associated encryption key.

IBM Safeguarded Copy

Safeguarded copy enables immutable snapshots of your storage, automatically scheduled at regular intervals. In the event of a cyber attack or data corruption, these snapshots can be quarantined, tested, and restored, significantly minimising downtime and data loss. On average, organisations take three weeks to recover from a cyber attack, with only 95% of the data recovered.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

The use of MFA reduces the risk of compromise by 99% according to a study conducted by Microsoft.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Users can belong to a system group, with each group having associated roles. These roles enable different system features, ensuring users have access only to necessary functions.

Object-Based Access Control (OBAC)

Restrictions can be implemented on a per-user group basis to limit the objects that users can view, manage, and configure. These objects include, hosts, volumes, port sets, user groups, child pools, etc.

Disabling Login Interfaces

You can disable access to the graphical user interface (GUI), command-line interface (CLI), and Representational State Transfer (REST) interface. By reducing the interfaces through which the Flash System can be accessed, you greatly minimise potential access points in a malicious attack.

IBM Storage Defender

IBM Storage Defender comprises a collection of software products that can enhance your storage with additional functionality. You don’t need to purchase and license all of them upfront, enabling you to utilise different features as needed

Key features include automated data movement, high-availability configurations, synchronous and asynchronous copy services, isolated and immutable copies, encryption, storage tiering, and data reduction technologies.

Early detection of malicious activity within your data using full content analysis and machine learning. Reduce false positives and negatives through continuous ML and AI training on your data set by analysing for anomalies at the storage level.

Data protection on physical tape and giving a graphical interface to manage data stored on tape using a linear file system. Allows devices to access tape files like any network storage location, simplifying access and management, whilst freeing capacity on your FlashSystem for more frequently used data.

Powerful dashboard for operation and management using SaaS, simplifying your day-to-day management and giving insights into your storage systems in a single dashboard.

Backup and recovery of physical, virtual, cloud and container environments. Simplifying your backup infrastructure by giving the ability to backup your entire environment with a single system.

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