In today’s digital landscape, organisations face constant cyber threats. Managed security services, like our light touch Security Operations Centre (SOC) approach, provide effective solutions. Partner with us to extend your IT security team, start small, demonstrate value, and enhance your security posture using Microsoft security features, including Microsoft Sentinel.

Welcome to Meridian IT’s Micro-SOC, your solution for tailored and cost-effective cyber security. We understand that not every organisation requires a full-scale, long-term contract for their security needs. That’s why we offer a lighter touch service that is more flexible and scalable, designed to meet your specific requirements.

With our Micro-SOC, you can start small and gradually prove the value of our services. There’s no need for a large upfront investment in infrastructure or software costs. We provide a short-term commitment that allows you to quickly assess the evidential value and benefits of our offerings.

Let our SOC of experienced and qualified experts become an extension of your team, allowing your team to carry on with their day-to-day responsibilities. With access to our team of expert analysts, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your organisation is being monitored and protected by professionals who understand the latest cyber threats and attack techniques.

Our Micro-SOC leverages Microsoft Sentinel, a market-leading security technology, to provide proactive detection and response capabilities. We utilise the power of Microsoft Sentinel to continuously monitor your environment, detect potential threats, and respond swiftly to any incidents.

With our tailored approach, we ensure that our services align with your specific needs, providing you with the level of support and protection that is right for your business.

As your requirements evolve, we have the flexibility to scale up our services, allowing you to stay ahead of emerging threats without any unnecessary financial burden. Experience the benefits of our Micro-SOC, where you can achieve effective cyber security without the constraints of long-term contracts or upfront costs.

Meridian IT can help safeguard your organisation with our tailored, scalable, and value-driven approach. Let us be your trusted partner in protecting your digital assets and ensuring the security of your business.

“With Meridian’s expert support, we’ve been able to raise our Microsoft Secure Score by 50%. That’s an astonishing result.”

Tony Whelton, Director of IT Services and Development, Wellington College

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