Choosing the right operating system (OS) platform for your business is extremely important.

With the Unix-based AIX OS from IBM, you can benefit from highly secure, available, and adaptable features to meet your ever-evolving business needs. If your organisation is running on IBM Power Systems, an enterprise Unix platform is required, and AIX is a highly acclaimed solution.

Since AIX was first released in 1986, IBM has regularly introduced updates to the software. AIX has continued to remain at the core of many enterprise infrastructures. Debunking the myth that AIX is “dead” due to the growing popularity of Linux. As IBM maintains its advancements and upgrades on the AIX system, its usage and popularity are certainly not diminishing. Enhancements in scale, availability, and security, in addition to rock-solid virtualisation infrastructure, makes this platform a popular choice in the market. IBM Power Systems continues to maintain its longstanding reputation of being the most reliable platform in the industry. Meaning AIX is the selected OS to add enterprise strategic value.

Why AIX?

We provide a variety of cloud solutions for AIX and it is a competitive solution for a hybrid cloud environment. There are many compelling reasons to utilize AIX on your IBM Power Systems.

There are many compelling reasons to utilize AIX on your IBM Power Systems…



IBM Power Systems AIX is well known for its incredible reliability and virtually zero downtime. It can handle the varied demands needed to run your mission-critical business applications, including modern workloads that require a high-performance stack and a highly secure infrastructure.


Server Consolidation

AIX will reduce the number of servers in your organisation, allowing you to share multiple resources among applications and servers simultaneously. While it will likely reduce licensing and power costs, server consolidation can also free up your IT resources. You can maximize your server efficiency and performance, and increase manageability, availability, and scalability once you consolidate your existing servers on AIX. Subsequently, you will decrease your total cost of ownership in the long run. Virtualization, with regard to server consolidation, can lower maintenance costs of physical hardware and storage costs, including power and cooling, and IT staffing costs



Live updates of the Operating System in AIX 7.2 & 7.3. The majority of downtime is planned. AIX Live Updates are a major step forward in eliminating the planned outages previously required to perform Operating System updates. Therefore meaning that you no longer have to choose between keeping the server up or applying essential fixes.


Cluster-Aware Capabilities

Cluster-aware capabilities are built into every AIX OS. With the ability to connect computers, servers, and other resources to function as a single unit. Therefore you benefit from a more reliable infrastructure. When one resource fails, the other machines in the cluster can compensate for the workload so you gain availability throughout your network. With cluster-aware capabilities, you also benefit from enhanced performance and scalability to grow concurrently with your business.



AIX has had a longstanding reputation for being a highly secure OS. Features including Trusted AIX ensure that you adhere to the strict security requirements of your business. Integrated system management tools are provided to easily implement differing security levels such as compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley

The modern and dynamic IBM AIX OS has moved to the cloud and has provided subsequent offerings to clients. Including PowerVM and the PowerVC. These specific features allow you to run newly consolidated workloads simultaneously with existing workloads in your OS environment. Thereby delivering the ability to move AIX VMs between data centers and the public cloud. The increased cost efficiency complements these hybrid cloud deployments by allowing you to hand select which workloads stay on-premises versus in the cloud.


Security Assessment

We conduct comprehensive security assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls and protocols.

Although IBM Power Systems AIX has not made recent headlines, the AIX OS has been and will continue to be one of the most reliable, secure, and highly available operating systems. AIX is an easy-to-use, well-founded, and dependable Operating System to run your applications under.  Because of its decades of experience, IBM remains at the forefront of reliable business solutions time and time again.

IBM’s high performance reliable, scalable and secure Power10 servers allied with Meridian’s team of skilled engineers can expertly provide AIX support to lessen the burden on you and your IT Department.

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