Veeam Backup & Replication

Widely adopted across industries, Veeam Backup and Replication offers dependable backups for virtual, physical, and cloud environments. It provides the flexibility to perform both full and incremental backups, with additional options like tape storage, replication, and public cloud repositories. This allows organisations to tailor their backup solutions to their specific needs, ensuring peace of mind regarding data reliability.

Additionally, Veeam offers Veeam Backup for Office 365. Despite the common belief that cloud data doesn’t require backup, it’s essential to take measures to protect critical organisational data. Many organizations heavily rely on Office 365, and the loss of emails, OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams data can be disastrous.

Veeam enables data restoration from predetermined restore points set within the retention policy of backup jobs. This includes full VMs, systems, individual files, specific emails, or entire Office 365 user accounts. Such flexibility ensures quick and reliable restores without compromising existing data.

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