As the industry has evolved to move more equipment offsite to data centre’s. Also with the increase of remote and hybrid workers, an emerging issue for organisations is: who will manage and load the tapes? FalconStor, a virtual tape library (VTL) solution, operates on the X86 platform and interfaces seamlessly with your other devices as a tape library, requiring no modification to your systems reliant on tape.

The use of VTLs is invaluable for organisations that have migrated their workloads to data centers, as they eliminate the need to send staff to change tapes or rely on data centers’ services for this task. Moreover, VTLs eliminate the need to have and store physical tapes containing your data, simplifying tape management.

Advantages of FalconStor StorSafe VTL

Cloud Migration

Simplify your migration to cloud by removing the need to change your software. A VTL allows you to retain your software that uses tape as a repository without the need for a physical tape system.


Simplify your day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure. Remove the need to manage physical tapes and have a single unified environment to manage all your virtual tapes.

Data Reduction

Up to 95% data reduction with advanced data reduction techniques offered as part of the StorSafe VTL system, with 9 patents to securing this, FalconStor is the industry leader when it comes to VTL technology.

Ransomware Protection

Increase your ransomware resiliency with immutable backups to virtual tape.

Offsite Protection

With varies options to export and replicate your data offsite, StorSafe gives you full protection and ease of management.

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