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In an IBM Power Systems context, application modernisation and integration can involve a broad spectrum of services to meet a wide range of needs. Upon engagement with Meridian, we typically begin by conducting a software audit. This process identifies both quick wins and strategic opportunities for modernising your applications.

As we know in a fast paced environment where complex applications remain unchanged it’s easy for technical debt to creep in, which if ignored can be very costly further down the road.

At Meridian IT, we believe in more than just providing support for IBM Power systems. Moreover, we’re actively recruiting a new generation of technicians and developers who possess the skills to help our clients reinvent their IBM Power platforms. This involves integrating into the new world of microservices, APIs, and cloud technologies.

Speak to Meridian today with one of trusted advisors to assist in your modernisation journey around:


User interface modernisation:

Additionally, Meridian can help you replace green-screen interfaces with an intuitive, modern, browser-based user experience. This transformation makes applications accessible via web or mobile, which is crucial as remote working becomes the norm for business users.


Language modernisation:

Furthermore, Meridian can help you update code from older versions of RPG to modern ILE, making it simpler, cleaner, and easier for a new generation of programmers to develop and maintain.


Application integration:

Moreover, Meridian can help you integrate your existing bespoke applications with 3rd party suppliers to drive business in new areas, while the core business systems remain unchanged. Additionally, we can assist you in integrating with third-party providers via modern APIs, bringing your applications into the microservice world. This could range from simply consuming a few APIs to achieving fully bi-directional integration, or even writing new ones for your customers to use.

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