Tracing it’s roots back to the IBM System/38, released in 1988, the platform has been industry tested and has received many advancements and industry firsts over its 35+ year history. The modern-day IBM Power 10 is used at the core of many vital industries, particularly within the financial services sector. A £170+ billion industry within the United Kingdom.

Today the IBM Power 10 platform offers a broad array of performance options. Therefore meaning there is a system to fit the requirements of any organisation. From the base model S1014, a 4 core variant of the Power 10 processor, giving impressive performance at a lower cost to the top-of-the line IBM Power E1080, supporting up to 240 cores and up to 64 TB of RAM.

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The IBM Power 10 incorporates a multi-layered approach to security, giving you protection across the stack. This includes quantum-safe cryptography, giving you protection in an emerging technology, hardware-accelerated transparent memory encryption and fully homomorphic encryption.

With the rise of malicious attacks, the IBM Power 10 has the technology built into the hardware to give your organisation a strong security foundation starting at the hardware.


IBM Power servers have the ability to run IBM i, AIX and Linux operating systems, with the capability of being able to run multiple partitions on your Power server using PowerVM. This allows you to have virtualise multiple systems onto one Power Server, thus simplifying your environment and making more efficient use of your system.

IBM Power 10 also has expandability and upgradability options. Therefore meaning that your system can grow with the growing requirements of your organisation. Giving you peace of mind that your investment can be utilised for year to come.

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