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To fully appreciate what IBM has announced today, I’d first like to take you back to 2007 and reacquaint you (if you’re as old as I am) or introduce you to the then enterprise server model in the Power6 lineup: 9117-MMA with 16 cores (processors), delivering a then heady 76,900 CPW if all 16 cores were licensed for IBM i. All within the confines of just 16U rack space.

Fast forward 17 years and the same compute power can now be had in a 2U, ½ rack width, form factor, with just 4 cores!

IBM has announced their newest model in the Power 10 lineup, the S1012. As the model name suggests, it’s a 1 socket, 2U server, albeit one that can also be had as a deskside model.

It is available in 1, 4 and 8 core versions with a maximum of 256GB memory for the 8 core model. It has 4 x PCIe Gen5 adapter slots and 4 x internal NVMe connected storage bays.

All the usual operating systems are supported (IBM i, AIX & Linux) and it comes with 3 years warranty.
As the saying goes, all good things come in small packages and this little package packs a huge compute punch!

If you’re an IBM customer with an ageing, but vital to the business, small Power Systems server, this model could just be the answer to modernising your environment without breaking the bank.

You may also be a customer who is running a small production server without a disaster recovery option. This model could be the solution that makes your business a continuous operation.
There are many business areas where this little pocket rocket will be a perfect fit (application development – scale as you grow), too many to list.

The IBM Power range isn’t the only thing that has changed since 2007. Back then Meridian IT was a dozen employees with the capability to deliver and install IBM Power and storage systems.
Fast forward to today and Meridian IT is an IBM Platinum partner who can deploy the new Power systems on-premise, in a fully hosted DC, within its own private cloud or a combination of all three. And the Company is now nearly 70 employees in the UK and over 900 globally. As the IBM Power systems models get smaller, Meridian IT gets bigger !

What’s important though is how we now deliver infrastructure modernization – with a focus on application modernisation and automation. Meridian IT can deploy the new IBM Power S1012 entirely as ‘code’ – now that’s a big change.
If this blog entry has piqued your interest, please contact your Meridian IT Client Director, or myself ([email protected]), for a chat.

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