What is DS Keywords?

DS-Keywords is a specialist platform to detect and identify keywords and phrases in video and voice files:

  • It empowers analysts to process, transcribe and analyse audio files automatically
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to accurately detect & highlight keywords and phrases within audio and video files
  • No data is retained by the platform; only processed and returned to the end-user for secure hosting in a datacentre of their choice
  • It supports multiple languages and dialects
  • It supports entities – types or definitions of keywords
  • It is a secure hosted platform and is accessed via a browser

What is the advantage of using DS-Keywords?

  • Speed: bulk screening of voice and video files is time-consuming and tedious. The platform allows the automatic identification of keywords within files which can then verified by an analyst who can focus on relevant areas
  • Transcription & analysis: files are transcribed, and keywords or phrases flagged
  • Easy navigation: there is simple navigation to key parts of the file; backwards and forwards between transcript and voice recording
  • Distribution: files processed by the DS Voice platform can be forwarded to Investigation Teams for further action. This includes output reports for audit and disclosure
  • Processing at high volume & speed: DS Voice processes quickly with consistently high keyword detection accuracy


This free offer empowers end-users to analyse 1,000 minutes of text, audio or video files with full, unrestricted use of the DS-Keywords platform on a trial basis. This offer includes full training and support for two months.

The platform will automatically (or manually) process, detect and analyse keywords and phrases from within voice and video files with high accuracy, saving time and speeding up the building of cases.

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