Meridian IT has been a long-term Lenovo partner and advocate and has maintained a highly skilled team when it comes to Lenovo servers for many years. Originating on the IBM X86 platforms prior to transition from the IBM System X servers to the Lenovo System X platform. Since then Meridian has continued to grow its specialised team and expertise in this field and has supported and supplied a myriad of organisations. When it comes to Lenovo products and uses them internally for the Meridian private cloud platform.

Why choose Lenovo:

Lenovo/IBM has a long history of delivering cutting edge X86 servers, starting with the IBM PS/2 released in 1992. Currently Lenovo offers an array of options from entry level single socket rack mounted servers, to tower servers, to state of the art, high performance and mission critical systems. Therefore meaning that whatever your needs there is a system suited to you. Which has been tried and tested with a long pedigree stemming back to the systems developed by IBM. One of the founders of the modern-day systems we know today.

Why choose Meridian:

Meridian IT UK has been operating since 1991! For all that time its been operating within the IBM space. as a result of this Meridian has many years of experience at delivering infrastructure services and consultancy. As well as this we have been long term Lenovo partners and work closely with our suppliers to offer the best solutions and ongoing services to our clients.

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