Meridian IT has an impressive resumé when it comes to delivering hybrid cloud solutions; not only was Meridian the first UK Business Partner to deploy an IBMi production workload to the IBM Sydney Power-VS cloud geo for an ISV client, we’ve also been at the leading edge deploying to other public clouds and our own private cloud (we were the 1st UK BP to launch AIX in Azure for Microsoft).

With our unique ability to offer Application services (DevOps, Apps Modernisation and Integration services) and with these skills Meridian has developed an exclusive hypervisor to enable us to provide Infrastructure as Code; this means our clients can practically launch LPARs on demand; from 0 to green screen in 15 minutes!

Meridian is perhaps the only UK BP to have a strong App Modernisation business running alongside our Cloud Managed Service offerings and our clients find these skills invaluable when tackling the business landscape in the 21st century.

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